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  • Elizabeth Warren knows all about pregnancy discrimination at work, thanks.
  • Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush are friends who go to sports games together, a fact that does not sit well with her fanbase, due to the former president's uninspiring track record on LGBTQ rights.
  • Splinter reports that NRA employees seem to spend a staggering number of their work hours editing Wikipedia pages, "for fun and possibly profit."
  • Miley Cyrus claimed in an Instagram post that she invented nipple pasties six years ago today. Either she is kidding, or she has quietly been over 100 years old this whole time, and personally I choose to believe the latter.
  • A Fatboy Slim x Greta Thunberg mash-up? Sure why not.
  • I'm so sorry but 11 elephants have died after falling off a waterfall in one of Thailand's national parks.
  • Have you seen Timothée Chalamet's latest lewk? Do you like it? Do you miss his monastic bowl cut? (Same.)
  • Crack the case: Who stole Jared Leto's decapitated head from the Met Gala?
  • Don't get all smug about it but owning a dog may possibly reduce your risk of premature death.
  • And finally, RACCOON FIGHT:
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Игры с ведром

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