An 11-year-old boy has caused a plane to be evacuated after he wrote a note saying there was a bomb on board.

Crew about the Vueling flight, which was scheduled to leave Fuerteventura, had to tell passengers to leave the aircraft, with terrified customers fleeing across the runway.

All 180 passengers aboard the plane got off just minutes before take off, with emergency procedures started after the pilot was handed the note.

According to the Daily mail, the note said that there was a glycerin bomb on the plane, and was signed 'the terrorist'.

Plane Evacuated After 11-Year-Old Boy Leaves Note Claiming A Bomb Was On Board
Credit: Twitter

The Civil Guard searched the plane with police dogs but when nothing was found, they announced it was a false alarm.

A passenger allegedly unfolded their table to find the note. They then handed it to a flight attendant who gave it to the pilot.

The Armed Command Institute of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria apparently identified the 11-year-old boy, and have interviewed him and his parents who told them the note was a 'joke'. I've got a feeling that someone is definitely getting grounded for the rest of his life.

Adults who do the same thing would face jail, but it's not confirmed whether the boy or his parents will be prosecuted for the threat and cost of delay.

Plane Evacuated After 11-Year-Old Boy Leaves Note Claiming A Bomb Was On Board
Credit: Agencia6

The flight finally got to Santiago De Compostela in Spain at 4am today.

Vueling apparently confirmed there was no threat of a bomb on board and have been contacted by Freepicker.

Meanwhile, a plane was delayed for seven hours earlier this month after a passenger opened the emergency exit while looking for the toilet.

According to reports, a woman on the flight from Manchester to Pakistan mistook the plane's door for the toilet cubicle, causing the emergency chute to be deployed.

Each one of the 37 passengers on board the Boeing 737-340 had to be taken off the flight on Friday night and were stuck at the airport until 5am the next morning.

A spokesperson for Pakistan Airlines told Pakistan-based The Express Tribune an investigation was underway into the bizarre incident.

They added: "The plane was parked on the runway when the airbag chute opened, so there was no threat of any kind."

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